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Whether it is for 8 - 120 people, Taste of Troy Food Tours will work with you to tailor a special event to meet your needs.

5 Reasons to take a Troy Food Tour

Kick off pose of tour guests by Troy’s iconic sign.

Every city chosen to be the center of a food tour, challenges the tour director to find the lens through which to tell it’s tale. As such, every food tour is uniquely crafted. The city invites you to find the blend of ingredients both historic and culinary that make it tour worthy. The tale of Troy, a city rich in history offers prime material for food tourism. Troy’s icons on the National Historic Register, it’s colleges and universities, it’s famous residents (past and present) combined with it’s delicious fare provide food for body and mind.Taste of Troy Food Tours has designed the Central Troy Historic District Tour to weave Troy’s heyday with its gastronomic present. Here are 5 essential ingredients in this food tour’s recipe for success :

Guests enjoying tastes in Brown’s Brewing Company’s Troy Room and at Illium Cafe.

  1. You get to savor specialities from five local eateries in one day.

Whether you are a food tour aficionado or a newcomer to this type of tourism, Taste of Troy Food Tours has a great experience mapped out for you.  Troy’s rapidly expanding food and craft brewing scene will unfold as your footsteps follow the path to each hand picked taste. Any good food tour will incorporate a city’s hidden historic highlights while introducing you to the entrepreneurs creating the culinary present. The tastes of Troy offer its guests an array of food ranging from artisan baked goods, riffs on classic recipes, flights of craft brews and palate cleansing brewed tea. The tour ends with plenty of time to shop the amazing all year round farmer’s market, a cornerstone of Troy’s food scene for 18 years.

  1. You have the opportunity to re-imagine 19th Century Troy as you walk from taste to delectable taste.


Wow! St. Paul’s Episcopal Church’s Tiffany designed interior.

The tastes along this food tour are more than just delectable portions of your progressive brunch/lunch; they are specifically chosen to connect Troy’s historical backdrop with its evolving “FOOD PRINT”. Taste of Troy Food Tours spent hours combing through the Rensselaer County Historical Society archives linking the tour’s tastes to what was served or sold in 19th Century Troy.You will end the tour with a sense of Troy’s past while appreciating the thriving scene that is Troy today.


Third annual Enchanted City steampunk festival – seahorse balloons greet tour guests.


  1.  You get to be a tourist in your own city.

When you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, you get to experience the world from a new perspective. This is surely the case on a food tour. Whether visiting a place for the first time or exploring your “own backyard”, a food tour will provide information, history and fabulous food intended to acquaint you more intimately with the city being explored. Time and time again, residents of the Capital District of NY sign up for a food tour for adventure and great dining, walking away with just that in addition to a whole new understanding of the city they’re in.


  1. You will discover and support local “eatistry”.

Today, food franchises are recognizable the world over and often make one locale indistinguishable from another. When you take a food tour,  your food prints are directed toward local eateries offering delicious fare that showcases local culinary talent while contributing to a larger picture of the city itself. You can expect the unexpected while resting assuredly in the knowledge that the tour owners – foodies all- have taste tested what you are about to enjoy!


5.You will experience what it feels like to be an honored guest.

Psychedelicatessen owner, Laura Kerrone, speaking with Taste of Troy Food Tours guests.

How lovely it is to be greeted and ushered graciously into the busy hub of not one but many thriving eateries. This is what one can look forward to as part of the food tour experience. As you tour, you are a valued part of Troy’s culinary history in the making!

When you next find yourself in Troy on a Saturday in May through October, book a tour, carve out 3 hours and put your foot to the pavement and give yourself to the Taste(s) of Troy as you embark on the Central Troy Historic District Tour!