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About Us

Meet The Founder


Amy Koren-Roth

Amy is a former public health nutritionist who is passionate about cooking, travel and exciting others about her food loves and recommendations. She firmly believes that exploring farmers’ markets and local cuisine is one of the best ways to learn about a community whether close to home or far away. Amy has traveled extensively in the US and more than 30 countries partaking of food tours, cooking classes, and local markets along the way. She launched Taste of Troy Food Tours in May 2016.

About Taste of Troy Food Tours

Taste of Troy Food Tours believes the best way to experience a city is through food which tells the story of an area’s people, history and culture. Taste of Troy Food Tours is excited to put Troy and the Capital District on the culinary tourism map by combining sightseeing and a meal in one delicious experience.

Troy and Albany’s food scene is rapidly expanding and developing and Taste of Troy Food Tours wants to help Capital District residents and visitors appreciate this vibrant culinary renaissance. By telling Troy’s and Albany’s story through the partnerships we’ve created with these establishments, our tours help promote the city’s local businesses and entrepreneurs. We’re excited to show you what our great cities have to offer!