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5 reasons a food tour is the perfect team building activity in the Capital Region


The first purpose of team building is always to share genuine, meaningful experiences. Bonding with your team members through activity outside of the office creates the opportunity to share some quality talking time. Breaking bread affirms trust, confidence, and comfort with an individual or group of people. Sharing quality time over a meal provides a base of friendliness and informality and helps strengthen team bonds.

With delicious food, a few craft beverages and plenty of time for conversation, a Taste of Troy Food Tour, either in Troy or Albany, may just be the perfect thing to do for your group. Read on for more reasons why these popular tours are the perfect team-building activity in the 518 area.

Taste of Troy Food Tours foster conversation: Food tours in Albany or Troy are designed to get your team talking, both during the experience and afterwards. Our friendly local guide offers the ideal balance of knowledge, conversation starters and time for your team to talk among themselves.

Take some time to relax together: On a food tour, your team will have the chance to relax and unwind together, creating better cohesion and deepening the bonds between team members. Whether you are looking to launch a new concept, achieve your sales goals or reward your crew for a job well done, having the time together outside of the office and without work will increase morale and forge friendships.


Taste of Troy Food Tours are flexible: Our food tours in Troy and Albany are flexible. It doesn’t matter if your group is in the Capital Region for an off-site meeting or if you are arranging a break to just to take the tour, we can make your experience one that your team will remember.

New tastes invite conversation: Everyone loves to talk about food and it’s an area where diversity of opinion is seldom found offensive. The independent  restaurants and craft brewers we visit provide a number of different tastes, both familiar and exotic, all of which are sure to get your team talking.