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A 5 Day Guide to Ways to Support Your Favorite Small Businesses – For Free!

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Looking for Ways to Support Your Favorite Small Businesses?

Small businesses like ours are being critically impacted by the effects of social distancing, and it is hard to figure out how to support those businesses you love. The option of dropping in for a cup of coffee or tea, grabbing a doughnut, visiting a museum or even heading out to take a walking food tour (“shameless self-promotion”) is not possible for now. We are also aware that times are financially tough for many of us, but there isn’t a shortage of love to share! Now is actually the time to step up for these businesses and support them for FREE!

We have adapted this guide from our Bite of Boston food tour colleagues, it provides simple steps to support these small business favorites from the comfort of your home without having to get dressed or spend any money. SCORE. Please consider joining us in spreading the love and we thank you in advance for doing it!

Day 1: Follow them on Instagram…and all of their social media accounts

Most small businesses need your support to help grow their reach on social media. If you don’t currently follow your favorite small businesses on their social media accounts, now would be a great time to follow and like them. Many of us are already spending more time on our electronic screens during this time of social distancing. This is an easy and free way to show them some love, maybe even go a bit further and engage with their posts! Make a comment on a post, send them a message, and let them know you miss them.

Day 2: Write them a glowing Google review!


Reviews are such an easy and powerful way to share the love! In the past, not having the time may have been the reason you gave yourself for not taking 5-10 minutes to share your experience. However, we all have nothing but time right now. Whether you write a review on one of their platforms or ALL of the big review platforms (Google, TripAdvisor, FB or Yelp). Your review helps other people find and experience this small business and will help when we can get back outside and open our doors, which we are eager to do!

Day 3: Subscribe to their Newsletter

Highlighting One Local Eatery Per Week…

One Week at a Time

Many small businesses send out an email newsletter with content about their business, their communities, special promotions and other fun things they think you might like to know. Subscribing to their newsletter and giving them access to your inbox is a great way to support them and stay connected. BTW, each Friday, for now, we are spotlighting one of our vendor/partners in our newsletter and in our social media to help support them and share our love. Click here to sign up for our Newsletter!

Day 4: Post a photo or two of you at your favorite small businesses and Tag them!

A good way to share some happier times and remind yourself and others of when we were free to be outside and doing fun things – is to scroll through your photos and post a picture of your favorite small business and what you did there – ate a great dish, had a great time on a food tour, celebrated a significant friend or family event. By posting your visuals and tagging the small business, perhaps with a note about missing them, looking forward to being there again soon, this lets them know you are thinking about them! We could all use that now.

Day 5: Encourage a friend to do the same!

Spreading the good word is a great way to counter social and physical distancing and it is easy and free! Let your friends know about your favorite small businesses, why they might love it too, and encourage them to also support their favorites by using the 5 steps suggested in this guide – follow on social media, write reviews, subscribe to newsletters and post photos. This positive word of mouth is a great way to show support for our struggling small business favorites without having to open your wallet. So- times a wasting…