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capital region

Our 10 favorite vegetarian dishes in the Capital Region

This season, we had some out-of-state tour guests who were uber excited by our ability to accommodate vegetarian diets on our tours. They were amazed at the number of restaurants in our area that offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options on their menus. (Note there are also a growing number of vegan restaurants…

5 Reasons to Take a Food Tour in the 518 – Upstate New York’s Capital Region

As travelers, there’s always an important question we ask ourselves before we head out on our trip: Where are the best places to eat? In 2021, we have several added questions. Which restaurants are still open? Which ones popped up in the past year? Which ones have outdoor dining? Tripadvisor and Yelp reviews may help…

2020 Food Tour Season Starts on May 1st!

2020 Taste of Troy Food Tour Season Begins on May 1st! Every year, it seems like spring takes forever to get here. We have been just as anxious as you for the warm weather because we have many exciting things to share with you this year! Our food tour season kicks off on May 1st…

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