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Taste of Troy Food Tours – during NY on Pause 2020

a person cooking in a kitchen preparing food

Starting off the Taste of Troy Food Tour Season With Social Distancing Activities

What we’re doing while at home

All this downtime is allowing us to focus on many activities that we are excited to share with you all! Social distancing might have put a damper on starting our 2020 food tour season as planned, but it sure won’t bring down our spirits. Nothing brings us more joy than to help the community, practice self-care, and spread love to others during these difficult times.

Make sure to check out all our highlighted local vendors on social media. Their stories are so intriguing to hear about and they need the support more now than ever. Read our 5-day guide on ways to support your favorite local small business blog and see how you can make a huge difference for free!


Amy is the founder and forever foodie of Taste of Troy Food Tours and she has been spending her time trying to figure out ways to contribute back to the community. In addition to promoting and highlighting local vendors on social media and in her newsletters, she has still been keeping a pretty busy schedule. Amy, her husband Yossi, and her daughter, Hadar, have been making homemade masks! These masks are specifically made for kids and some adults, then they are donated to friends, family, and the South End Children’s Cafe families. She has also purchased dinners from Brown’s Brewing Company (supporting one of her vendor partners) to be delivered to some of the local first responders – heroic firefighters in Cohoes. They were extremely happy with their surprise!

She has been sharing which of her vendors are offering curbside meals and/or delivery, as well as purchasing some of those meals for her family.

In her free time, Amy has been unwinding by reading books like: Girl, Woman Other; The Long Petal of the Sea, and Discovery of Witches. She is on day 18 of Yoga with Adriene’s 30 days to home practice. Her days consist of cooking for her family – switching it up between some of their favorites and new dishes to explore. Some of her classic dishes are Shakshuka (a recipe to be included in her Mother’s Day offering of a Box of Local Love) and spring vegetable soup.

Recognizing that NY on Pause may prevent folks from celebrating Mother’s Day with loved ones and that the tours may be postponed for most of the 2020 season. Read about Taste of Troy Food Tours’ Box of Local Love being launched as a pilot concept that may be repeated for other celebrations and helps to support other local small businesses. Purchases will need to be made by May 1st to ensure delivery by Mother’s Day, $75 includes shipping anywhere in the US and taxes.


Lexi is Taste of Troy Food Tour’s marketing intern from Siena College. Most of her time is dedicated to finishing up the spring semester on her zoom classes. She studies both digital marketing & communications and food retailing. Taste of Troy Food Tours was a perfect internship fit for her to learn more about the tourism industry, local food vendors, and getting the chance to meet more people in the area.

In order to get a break from her studies, Lexi enjoys practicing yoga every morning. She has been practicing for nearly four years now and finds it to be the perfect activity to partake in during quarantine. After getting her zen on, she likes to go outside for walks and practice her painting skills. Lexi finds that being closer to nature has really helped from being stuck inside, but let’s not forget about her fluffy kitty companion Sophi who keeps her company all day long!

The thing that Lexi misses the most is relaxing at coffee shops around the area. She can barely function without her chair latte with oat milk and cinnamon every morning.

Missing Liveliness in the Capital Region

Troy, NY is a gem of a city. It has been experiencing a resurgence and is a vibrant place to visit. It’s a lively city that is home to an award-winning Farmer’s Market, thriving small businesses, creative local vendors, tasty restaurants, and aspiring artists. The town itself has always had an aesthetic or vibe that welcomed people from all over to enjoy. Whether it’s a day walking along the Hudson after a relaxing lunch or attending Troy night out when the city comes alive, the experience is unforgettable.

During this time, we at Taste of Troy Food Tours can’t wait for the city to start to open up again. Even though the timing is uncertain, we are more than confident that the city will come together stronger than ever. Troy has always been a strong community that cares for one another. If you have ever found yourself enjoying the Troy Famer’s Market, you’ll know exactly what we mean! The locals are extremely friendly and passionate about their creations, businesses, and products that they share with everyone. Troy has become a foodie destination. Taste of Troy Food Tours loves sharing food tours in Troy because it’s a great place to create memories, meet new people, and get a chance to fall in love with the unique atmosphere. We started our Central Troy Historic District Food Tour in 2016 and are set to launch our second route in Troy – South Central Troy Food Tour.

Albany, NY is the capital of the Empire State and a 400-year-old city. The city is full of exciting places to go and things to do. We miss watching plays at the Palace Theatre, attending concerts at the Times Union Center, and most of all the delicious local restaurants. Albany still remains busy due to all the state jobs in the area, but we miss seeing all the businesses putting a smile on everyone’s faces. Luckily, Washington Park is still open and people are taking advantage of the area to walk their pets or enjoy a social distancing activity! With spring arriving, lots of tulips are beginning to bloom. Discover Albany has launched “virtual Tulip Festival”, use the #518TulipTracker to highlight new blooming flowers across the city for “Tulip Tuesdays”.

Once again, we look forward to the city coming back to life and returning back to its full potential. Albany has always been close to home because Amy has lived in the Capital Region since 1994. She is a member of Discover Albany, our destination marketing organization. Taste of Troy Food Tours has offered the Historic Downtown Albany Food Tour since 2018. The tours introduce guests to an Albany with a historic downtown area and see that the city is more than just office buildings. Every building has a backstory and the local restaurants take pride in their revitalization efforts throughout the years. The food is absolutely amazing and the owners are just as spectacular!