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Capital Region Box Of Local Love

Now offering Customized Capital Region Boxes of Local Love - Working with you to create the perfect local gift to fit the occasion and your budget)

Capital Region Box of Local Love Guaranteed shipping within a week from your order date - starting from

Design your own box to fit your taste and budget

The Capital Region abounds with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses that foster the vibrancy of our region. We have partnered with a number of these entrepreneurs to assemble boxes to reflect the spirit of the occasion and deliver rich, sensory memories. Unlike our event-specific boxes, our custom boxes allow you to make decisions on what works best for you and your budget! We work with our partners to find the perfect items to send so that you can enjoy sharing your region with loved ones, customers, clients etc.

How It Works

  1. Simply tell us your budget and the Boxes’ purpose
  2. We work directly with you and the region’s entrepreneurs to create the perfect custom box
  3. Amy personally chooses the items for the box based on your tastes
  4. Box is delivered to your door!

Our custom Boxes of Local Love are perfect for so many occasions (think holidays, birthdays, themed parties, weddings, corporate gifts, welcome to your new home and so much more!). So let’s get started — contact us today.