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Custom Capital Region Box Of Local Love

Custom Capital Region Box of Local Love Starting From


The Capital Region abounds with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses that foster the vibrancy of our region. We have partnered with a number of these entrepreneurs to assemble boxes to reflect the spirit of the occasion and deliver rich, sensory memories. Unlike our event-specific boxes, our custom boxes allow you to make decisions on what works best for you and your budget! We work with our partners to find the perfect items to send so that you can enjoy sharing your region with loved ones, customers, clients etc.

How we help you customize the perfect box for your occasion:

  • [Give Amy a call](tel:5184952277) or visit our – Contact page.
  • Tell us all about the occasion and/or the recipient
  • We’ll ask you things like, what the theme is, the taste preferences of those involved, what type of message you want to send
  • We’ll also ask your budget and give you some ideas of what could include within that
  • Then we take all that information and work directly with local vendors behind the scenes to hand-pick the perfect box for you!

Examples of boxes we’ve curated for our customers:

  • Meg, for a welcome gift for a new employee and introduction to their new home
    Beer and Coasters from Brown’ Brewing Co., A Collar City Candle’s Home Candle, Parchment’s Jar of Judakaker cookies, 2 Hot Chocolate Bombs from TieBerry Sweets, 12 oz. bag of Coffee from Alias, 2 flavors of karmel korn from What’s Poppin, Gift Card Cider Belly Doughnuts, recipe and future tour discount code plus city guides
  • Meisha, a nice farewell gift basket for an office colleague
    Collar City Candle, What’s Poppin karmel korn, TieBerry Sweets Hot Chocolate Bombs, 50 ml maple leaf bottle of Wells Maple Farm Maple Syrup, 1.5 oz bag of Short and Stout Tea’s Champagne Fizz White Tea, recipe and future tour discount code
  • Diane, missing a friend who relocated to the Capital Region                                          Parchment’s jar of Pepperkaker cookies, TieBerry Sweets’ 2 pack hot chocolate bombs and 6 chocolate covered pretzels, Short and Stout’s blue moon tea, Karmel Korn from What’s Poppin

Your box can either be shipped or delivered to you.
Let’s get started! Contact us today.