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Press and Reviews

Happy to have our Historic Downtown Albany Food Tour suggested as number 4 on this weekend guide of Things to do in Albany! Road to Taste

“If you would like to visit Albany or you are a local here, you should definitely try the Historic Downtown Albany Food Tour with Amy Koren-Roth.”

Make Pleasurable Memories - Taste of Troy Food Tours

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Amy Koren-Roth, owner of Taste of Troy Food Tours LLC., located in Delmar, NY, USA.

Albany, Troy Food Tours Resume This Month

Taste of Troy Food Tours is bringing back its two flagship food tours in Albany and Troy for the 2022 season. The revamped tours will begin April 29 with a progressive buffet of restaurants and craft beverages.

6 Under-The-Radar Towns To Visit In The Hudson Valley Scroll down to #6 Troy

The Hudson Valley’s easygoing highways and scenic backroads have practically become destinations in themselves. Whether covered in wildflowers in the summer or ablaze in gold and auburn in the fall, it’s hard to find a town in the region that isn’t worth a stop. But most travelers, especially those coming from New York City, rarely venture north of the cities of Kingston and Hudson. Those who don’t are missing some of the coolest parts, including growing, under-the-radar upstate cities and towns.

Food Tours in Troy & Albany

What better way to get to know a place than by its local food scene? By exploring a place’s culinary offerings, you’ll enjoy interesting (and hopefully delightful) foods and beverages, you’ll feel a part of the town or area, and you may even get to know the people behind the scenes, which is always fun. All of these experiences deepen an appreciation for a place.

Food Tours Explore Tastes, Places in Troy and Albany - Owner Enjoys Sharing Places & Flavors

Amy Koren-Roth never set out to be an entrepreneur. However, it was love at first food tour. The combination of history, art and food inspired her to learn more about food tours and bring food tourism to the 518.

Episode #118 of the Capable Wealth Podcast- interview with founder & forever foodie Amy Koren-Roth

Episode #118 of the Capable Wealth Podcast is live, and I was lucky enough to sit down with the founder of Taste of Troy Food Tours LLC, Amy Koren-Roth!

The 20 Best Food Tours in New York

Cozy Meals has created their list of the top 20 food tours in New York State. Taste of Troy Food Tours is excited to have been selected and pleased that many of our Upstate New York Food Tour Trail partners have also been named.

Tour de Force: Combining Historical Storytelling with Flavorful Foods

“On a sunny Saturday morning, with promise of a no-sleeves-required day thick in the air, Amy Koren-Roth stands on River Street in Troy, NY, counting heads. Friendly and energetic, with a curly silver bob …

13 of the Best Food and Beverage Trails and Tours in New York State

New York State has many food tours and wine and food trails. The Hudson Valley is a hotbed of the farm to table experience. Taste of Troy Food Tours is honored to be recognized and included in I Love NY’s list of 13 best food tours and trails…

The Ultimate Girls Weekend Guide

Your date is set, your group text created. Now, it’s time to start planning the itinerary for your girls weekend! The Capital-Saratoga Region has 6 counties full of delicious dining, fantastic shopping, and loads of great activities. Food tour time?

The Historic Downtown Albany Food Tour You Didn't Know You Needed

Who knew history could taste so good?
By popular demand, Amy Koren-Roth is bringing her historic food tours back to Albany this summer.

New York by Rail: Taste of Troy Food Tours

Craving history and an epic food scene. I took Amtrak to the 200-year-old city of Troy for a Taste of Troy Food Tour. The three-hour, 1.5 mile walking tour through the Central Troy Historic District .

Art and History in Downtown Albany

Taste Albany’s rapidly evolving culinary scene by exploring the food print of this historic city on the west bank of the Hudson River with a Historic Downtown Albany Food Tour by Taste of Troy Food Tours LLC.

Historic Downtown Albany New York Food Tour

Exploring a city through food? What’s better than that?!
When Discover Albany asked me if I wanted to do a food tour to reacquaint myself with the city of Albany (I went to College there) I jumped at the chance, I love trying new foods!