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Private Corporate Events & Team Building

Let Taste Of Troy Food Tours Create An Inclusive Food, Drink, History Event To Fit Your Team's Needs

Food tours are an ideal way for corporate and other groups to get to know a city and build camaraderie with each other. Enjoy food, drink, and conversation.

Private tours can accommodate groups ranging from 8 to 120 guests.

  • Corporate Events – Team building, New Employee/Intern Socials
  • Senior Groups
  • Meeting and Convention Activities
  • University Events and Student Orientation
  • Family and Tour Travel
  • Field Trips
  • Wedding Weekend Activities
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Family/ School Reunions
  • Client/Employee Lunches and Dinners

Corporate Tours Available

Help your team bond in a delicious, fun and interesting way that requires minimal effort on your part. We do all the work, your team has all the fun and you get all the kudos. A great way to introduce your team to their work city.

Let Taste of Troy Food Tours create an inclusive food, drink, history event so your team gets the vacation feel without leaving town.

We tailor the team experience to your team’s needs, making it a unique experience.
We help your team bond in a delicious way, we do all the work, you can join in the fun and get the kudos for finding a novel experience.