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Whether it is for 8 - 120 people, Taste of Troy Food Tours will work with you to tailor a special event to meet your needs.

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The 20 Best Food Tours in New York

Cozy Meals has created their list of the top 20 food tours in New York State. Taste of Troy Food Tours is excited to have been selected and pleased that many of our Upstate New York Food Tour Trail partners have also been named.

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The Ultimate Girls Weekend Guide

Your date is set, your group text created. Now, it’s time to start planning the itinerary for your girls weekend! The Capital-Saratoga Region has 6 counties full of delicious dining, fantastic shopping, and loads of great activities. Food tour time?

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Art and History in Downtown Albany

Taste Albany's rapidly evolving culinary scene by exploring the food print of this historic city on the west bank of the Hudson River with a Historic Downtown Albany Food Tour by Taste of Troy Food Tours LLC.

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12th Annual Troy Chowderfest set for Sunday

The Collar City will be the place for chowder this weekend as it hosts the 12th annual Troy Chowderfest...
Judging the 2018 Troy Chowderfest competition will be Daniel Berman...Ryan Hennessy, Amy Koren-Roth of Taste of Troy Food Tours & K. Wilcox.

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Albany Food Tours Launching this Week

Taste of Troy Food Tours, which for the past two years has been offering weekly, three-hour, guided walking tours and stops at Collar City restaurants during the warmer months, this week brings food tours to downtown Albany.

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Albany is as walkable as Troy

In many ways Albany has been lagging behind Troy over the past decade. I could speculate on some of the reasons, but that won’t move the conversation forward. The good news is that Albany is finally catching up!

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Touring Troy

FussyLittleBlog asks: “Have you ever been on a food tour? … I’m talking about an experience where you get to learn about a city by walking around and eating its foodstuffs.” @Tasteof Troyfoodtours is reviewed

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