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Food Tours are the best way to truly immerse in any city. You get food, history, and fascinating stories all combined to make one unforgettable experience. We recommend taking a food tour anywhere you go. You’ll learn a lot about the city, while filling your stomach with some of the best eats only locals would know about. Taste of Troy Food Tours is very fortunate to have a lot of friends in the food tour business. Every week we plan on highlighting some of our fellow food tour operators that we recommend. This week we interview Rodrigo Lopez Aldana of Sabores Mexico Food Tours, which started in September 2012.


1) Tell us about yourself and your food tour.
My name is Rodrigo Lopez Aldana, I’m a foodie, a taco expert, a photographer and a proud Mexican. I was born and raised in Mexico City, I love to wander through its streets, find new food spots and I love to go behind scenes and learn all the secret stories that lie on every corner and crevice that this city has to offer.

Sabores Mexico Food Tours is a food tour company that showcases Mexican gastronomy, architecture, culture and history in a unique and attractive way not only to locals but also to whoever comes to Mexico City, with a need to understand and experience our way of life by using all the senses.

The concept is created from the need to find new spots with interesting backstories that are surrounded by beautiful, iconic architecture. The backbone of our service is the quality of the food and the guide we offer. That, combined with Mexico’s culinary traditions and lifestyle as well as visiting places off the beaten track, makes our experience unique.

We are proud to be Mexican and that is why we are committed to guarantee a one-off, safe and fun experience with customized attention, guided by a professional and passionate team that will take you into a culinary journey to explore Mexican culture.

2) Tell us about your city and what made you start a food tour there.
Mexico City is vibrant, historic and at the same time is modern, colorful, adventurous and enigmatic. I love how history merges with daily life to offer a unique experience.

Mexico City is also the only place in the world where you can experience food from all regions of our country. Mexico City is the home of people coming from all the corners of the territory and they are eager to promote their regional cuisines and cultures in their restaurants. Mexican food is in constant evolution; it’s the synchronism of millenary civilizations with European influences that converge with modern technics. Our culinary tradition is enriched with endemic products that are farmed locally. Mexico City is where everything comes together.

Mexican food is a dialogue between the cooks, the ingredients, the traditions and the foodies. Mexico City as well as Mexican gastronomy is powerful, complex and delicious. At Sabores Mexico Food Tours we want you to experience it.

3) What makes your food tour different and unique?
Sabores Mexico Food Tours is locally owned and proud to be Mexican. All of our culinary experiences are designed and tested by Mexicans so that you really live the life of a local . We create adventures of authentic Mexican cuisine for food lovers. Our local hosts will introduce you to Mexico City’s food, history, and culture while you eat, walk, enjoy and smile.

We are passionate and we are foodies. All of our guides come from different professional backgrounds that will enrich your experience with their expertise and unique perspective. We want to amaze both you and your senses by taking you to a walk, stopping at great foodie stops and sharing our knowledge with you. Foodies will learn about our cuisine which is a story made of flavours, textures, aromas and colours. Mexican food is tradition, history, culture and a lifestyle. It all starts with the rich soil where our crops grow, a very fertile one; with the ingredients that feed us, an incredible array of them spread throughout our country; the mix between our need to nourish and the creativity to create new dishes. Our heritage is the knowledge passed to us since pre-Hispanic times and brought to current days.

4) What type of food do we get to try?
In our food experiences you will try real Mexican food, from pre-Hispanic to contemporary dishes. With the tastings you will discover what authentic Mexican gastronomy is, you’ll try a wide variety of food: fish tacos, tamales, edible flowers, ceviche, local craft beers, and mezcal to mention just a few examples. Come to find out what we have to offer.