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Timing is everything: Launch of Taste of Troy Food Tours and growth in global food tourism

| By Amy Koren-Roth

Have you ever felt that you are lucky to be doing what you love in the company of great peers?

This summer I launched Taste of Troy Food Tours and brought culinary tourism to the 518 area. Two years ago I started on the path that led me to develop the Central Troy Historic District Food Tour. My first season ended this past Saturday and I can honestly say that I loved every single step of the process. My 140 guests, spread over 24 tours, have all expressed that they now see Troy in a new light and really are excited by the wonderful food and craft brewery entrepreneurs bringing vitality to this wonderful city.


Global food tourism is a rising industry and I am so excited to be part of the process. Recently, I had the pleasure of spending time with 145 food tour providers representing 15 countries around the world. I attended the second annual Global Food Tourism Conference that was held in the foodie haven of Seattle. Seattle is known for FLOSS – fresh, local, organic, seasonal and sustainable food. During the conference it was emphasized that one size doesn’t fit all in culinary tourism, what appeals to one foodie might not appeal to another. Americans, on the whole, like casual food, craft beer, food markets and food festivals. Troy’s food scene definitely fits that description, with the addition of a variety of ethnic restaurants and some fine dining establishments.


Two James Beard award winning Seattle chefs: Chef Tom Douglas and Chef Thierry Ratureau were on a panel being interviewed by their food tour partner – Angela Shen of Savor Seattle Tours. Food is the new travel hook and one of the biggest draws to understand the places to which people are travelling. These two chefs stated that food tours are good, grass roots marketing for the partner restaurants. I have been fortunate to partner with five different Troy independently owned establishments: Psychedelicatessan, The Whistling Kettle, Illium Cafe, Brown’s Brewing Company and Sweet Sue’s. My guests ended up with time to experience the Troy Waterfront Farmer’s Market, our year round access to FLOSS. I am hoping that my tours can help draw travellers, both local and tourists, to discover Troy and what it has on tap. Stay tuned for the 2017 season that starts on May 6th.

Amy Koren-Roth